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November 15, 2006
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The Florida Oceans and Coastal Resources Council was established by House Bill 1855 in the 2005 legislative session. The Council was created to develop priorities for ocean and coastal research and establish a statewide ocean research plan. The group will also coordinate public and private ocean research for more effective coastal management.

Co-chaired by Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary Colleen Castille and Executive Director of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Ken Haddad, the council is made up of fifteen voting members and three non-voting members. DEP Secretary Castille, FWC Director Haddad and the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS) Commissioner Charles Bronson each appoint five members to the council. Commissioner Bronson has appointed Director Sherman Wilhelm of DACS - Aquaculture as his designee. Secretary Castille, Director Haddad and Director Wilhelm are the non-voting members. [continued]

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FLASH Resolutions is designing the process, facilitating the meetings and writing transcripts/reports of proceedings for the Council. Meetings are conducted “in person” and “virtually”. All meetings are noticed and conducted according to Florida Sunshine Law requirements. All transcripts, reports, documents, announcements and other items related to the Council and its meetings can be found at

For questions regarding the process, contact Janice Fleischer at For questions regarding substance of Council work, contact Steven Wolfe at

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