Urban Environment League Strategic Retreat

The President of the UEL requested FLASH’s assistance in designing and facilitating a ¾ day retreat of the Board of Directors for the purpose of refining the organization’s focus and drafting a formal Vision Statement. This retreat took place on February 19, 2005 at the historic Miami River Inn with twelve members of the Board attending. The work of the members is reflected in the transcript attached. The Board is now considering a follow up session sometime in the Fall, 2005.
Transcript of Retreat


The Urban Environment League of Greater Miami (UEL) is composed of people from many walks of life who have one thing in common: A concern for how our community looks, how it functions, and the integrity of the government process.

UEL’s Core Principles:

The Urban Environment League is composed of people from many walks of life who have one think in common: concern for the community. In particular, the League is concerned with the appearance and beauty of our community, the efficiency of its functioning, and the integrity of its government process.

We recognize and celebrate that South Florida’s urban environment is alive and changing. However, we support growth that is consistently and wisely guided by respect for South Florida’s cultural, architectural and natural history.

We advocate for design that fosters a varied and healthy street life and creates an environment that sustains dynamic neighborhoods.

We advocate for the preservation and enhancement of public space.

We encourage that streets, parks and public buildings are for the use of all citizens.

We recognize that there may be commercial uses of public places and public spaces and public land, but we support them only if they enhance public access.

We will advocate that proposed new development is open to public review with citizen participation.

Together with community leaders, we will determine whether plans promote smart growth rather than suburban sprawl. We will endeavor to offer alternative models for the public to consider.

We seek public communication and coordination with other organizations to broaden understanding of the context behind local issues.

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