FLASH RESOLUTIONS provides organizations, communities, interest groups and government entities opportunities to anticipate and resolve conflict outside the judicial system and to develop collaborative processes to provide more effective management goals and methods. FLASH RESOLUTIONS maintains relationships with other professionals in the dispute resolution field to assist in projects for every need.

The unique value of FLASH RESOLUTIONS and Ms. Fleischer is capacity building through complete process consultation.

FLASH’s services include:

  • Process consultation and design for coordination of multi-stakeholder policy groups, intergovernmental coordination, advisory committees, team building, meeting and conflict management;
  • Facilitation and consensus building services to guide collaborative processes, advice on agenda elements, consult with recalcitrant parties, and provide outside resource suggestions;
  • Mediation of conflicts for parties, organizations, governments and agencies;
  • Training programs specifically designed to provide skills in interpersonal conflict resolution, facilitation, decision-making constructs, meeting and conflict management, and other skills.

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Janice M. Fleischer, J.D. • 0ffices in Tallahassee and Miami
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